Aaron Goldberg (Gopal Das)

Screenwriter, Sound Healer and Kirtan Wallah

Bhakti Fest 2015, Joshua Tree, CA (photo by Joy Santos)

A Los Angeles native, Aaron began his spiritual journey while attending UC Berkeley when his sister “dragged” him to her professor’s weekly Buddhist meditation class so she could earn extra credit. While his sister only attended a couple classes, Aaron was hooked.

After college, Aaron earned a law degree and realized that the only thing keeping him sane was his daily meditation practice, so he began teaching meditation to other law students. As he transitioned from practicing law to a career in screenwriting, he found that a daily sadhana (spiritual practice) was key to developing the faith and courage necessary to take risks and follow his passion.

In 2005, Aaron met healer/writer David Elliott at the book signing for David's first book, "The Reluctant Healer." After training with David Elliott and receiving his certification in breathwork in 2006, Aaron began leading group breathwork circles and private sessions, helping people learn to become present and find peace, inspiration and rediscover their connection to Spirit.

In 2011, Aaron began teaching breathwork at The Hub, an innovative healing arts studio in Los Angeles that offered meditation, breathwork, yoga and more. Way ahead of its time, The Hub became Aaron's resident studio and a place to experiment and explore the vast realms of spiritual healing and community.

Gong photo shoot in Malibu, CA (photo by Selen Ermanav)

While doing breathwork at a David Elliott retreat in Tuscany, Aaron heard the planetary gongs for the first time, played by his now good friend and fellow gongmaster, Nicola Renica. The powerful vibrations felt as if they were cleansing and rejuvenating every cell in his body. Deeply moved by this experience, Aaron traveled to Vienna in the spring of 2011 to train with world-renowned gongmaster Don Conreaux, a student of Yogi Bhajan.

Bringing his training back to America, Aaron began leading one of the first soundbaths in Los Angeles. Collaborating with a diverse array of musicians and using the latest sound healing tools, word quickly spread and the soundbath became one of the most popular classes in LA.

Filming the documentary "Poached" in Devon, England (photo by Timothy Wheeler)

In 2013, Aaron discovered bhakti yoga (the path of devotion) and kirtan (chanting devotional music) at Bhakti Yoga Shala (BYS) in Santa Monica, California. Through kirtan and bhakti yoga, Aaron found a direct path to joy and love. Training with Govind Das, the director of BYS and one of the most beloved and respected kirtan wallahs (singers), Aaron began learning to play the harmonium (Indian accordion), mridangam (Indian drum), and kartals (Indian hand cymbals). Kirtan took over his life and he began studying piano and other instruments, as well a return to drumming - the instrument he grew up playing.

In 2014, Aaron co-produced the acclaimed documentary "Poached" and spent the year filming in England and Scotland. "Poached" tells the story of an eccentric group of people who are addicted to stealing bird eggs out of the nests of endangered birds. Premiering at the South By Southwest film festival and making the long list for the 2016 Oscars, "Poached" won multiple festival awards. Teaming up with his childhood friend and director of "Poached" - Timothy Wheeler - Aaron and Timothy wrote a feature film script based on the documentary.

Impromptu kirtan jam "Sri Ram Jai Ram" at the Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh, India

In 2015, Aaron fulfilled a lifelong dream by traveling with Govind Das and crew to India. Singing kirtan, meditating, feasting, shopping, bathing in the Ganges river, and playing music in places like Rishikesh and Vrindaban - the birthplace of Lord Krishna - Aaron experienced the heart-opening shift that can occur during such a sacred journey. It was on this journey that Govind Das gave Aaron his spiritual name - Gopal Das, the child form of Krishna - the Cowherd Boy who enchanted the Cowherd Maidens (Gopinis) with the divine sound of his flute.

Upon returning to the states, Aaron followed a deep intuition to move to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and build a house in the mountains where he focuses his energy on creativity and spiritual practice. Aaron currently leads soundbaths in Santa Fe and is working on two screenplays as well as a variety of other film and musical projects, including "Gongstar" - a solo kirtan musical exploration using sacred mantra and looping effects to produce layers of healing sound. He's developing plans to tour with Gongstar in 2017.

Using the tools of writing, sound healing and kirtan, and with his trademark sense of humor, Aaron is devoted to teaching people how to heal any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual blocks that are preventing us from awakening to our true life purpose and experiencing more peace, love, passion, prosperity, health, happiness and harmony.